What is peer review and why is it important?

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What is Peer Review?

AAAASF peer review is a form of self-regulation by qualified members of the outpatient health care profession. The process creates a system-wide culture of clinical quality and demonstrates the positive results of accreditation.

Why is Peer Review important?

AAAASF peer review provides ongoing data collection and periodic evaluation to identify trends affecting patient outcomes. Since 1999, AAAASF peer review has been performed every six months and includes reviews of both random cases and unanticipated operative sequelae.

AAAASF has successfully collected data from thousands of individual cases, creating one of the nation’s largest health care data repositories. Over time, AAAASF has learned that reporting on outcomes alone is not sufficient to improve the quality of care. The process of improving care delivery is best achieved through monitoring procedural interventions and practice compliance with safe surgical standards.

Through monitoring our own data, we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our standards and be assured that we remain an authority on health care delivery. AAAASF delivers standard revisions based on dated collected from this valuable collection of information. This approach distinguishes us from other accrediting associations and provides a safeguard for patients and the accrediting process.

What does Peer Review mean to you?

For accredited facilities, peer review serves as a quality measurement tool. It offers a time of reflection to ensure clinical quality and procedural effectiveness and efficiency. Benchmarks are monitored and improvements may be made.

Data collected during per review also is utilized to support the proven safety record of outpatient surgery. Examples include:

  • Government agencies and legislators often request this data.
  • Media representatives sometimes request this information and refer to it in nationwide news coverage.
  • Insurance carriers and other health care organizations have requested it.

For patients, knowing that a facility is accredited by AAAASF assures that extra steps were taken to foster a safe environment for medical or surgical care. Patient safety is the primary concern during any medical or surgical procedure.

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