Policy for Surveyor Qualification

To ensure that a surveyor is adequately qualified to perform AAAASF facility surveys, the surveyor must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a qualified physician, physician assistant or registered nurse able to provide documentation of current license.
2. Submit a current Curriculum Vitae that documents experience to qualify as a certified surveyor.
3. Sign and adhere to the initial AAAASF Surveyor Agreement, including Surveyor Attestation, Conflict of Interest, Code of Conduct, Surveyor Guidelines and agreement to participate in annual surveyor appraisal and review process conducted by AAAASF Quality Assurance Program and submit the same to AAAASF office.
4. Attend an AAAASF surveyor in service training course complete and pass the Surveyor training examination administered at the conclusion of each training course, a certificate of completion will be kept on file in the AAAASF Office.