AAAASF answers frequently asked questions about accreditation, peer review and other topics

Peer Review FAQs

  • How do I change or add my Peer Review Administrator?

    The Medical Director must complete the “Peer Review Administrator Authorization Form” located on the AAAASF website under Peer Review/ Peer Review Documents. Email the completed form to [email protected].
  • What if the “Confirm Password Reset” link does not work?

    Some email systems may block certain links and will disable them from working. Either hold the Ctrl button down when selecting the link, or copy and paste the URL given in the email you receive into your web browser. Call the help desk at 888-545-5222 if you need further assistance.
  • What if I don’t see the reviewing physician listed in the drop-down?

    If they have been selected previously as a reviewing physician, they may have defaulted to the top of the list. If they’re not in the menu at all, please send an email to the help desk with their name and license number to be added.
  • Does the reviewing physician have to be in the same specialty?

    No, the reviewing physician does not have to be in the same specialty.
  • Do we have to review the first case of every month for each surgeon?

    Yes, AAAASF Standards require providers to review the first case of every month for every surgeon.
  • What if a physician didn’t perform any cases in one of the months?

    Pull a chart from another month to ensure a total of three random reviews.

  • What if a physician performs less than three cases during the period?

    Have all charts reviewed that were completed and submit an override form. For example, if the physician only completed two procedures, review those two cases and submit the override form to have the remaining one required review exempted.

General FAQs

  • What is accreditation?

    An accredited facility must comply with the most stringent set of applicable standards. It must meet our strict requirements for facility director, medical specialist certification, staff credentials and must pass a thorough survey by a qualified AAAASF facility surveyor. An accredited facility must be fully equipped to perform procedures in the medical specialty or specialties listed on its accreditation application and must be equipped to respond to emergencies.
  • How do you achieve accreditation?

    To achieve AAAASF accreditation, a facility must comply with 100% of the standards in all categories of AAAASF standards. Upon approval, an accredited facility must prominently display in public its accreditation certificate.
  • How do you maintain accreditation?

    An accredited facility must undergo re-evaluation through a self-survey, an onsite survey every three years and comply with all AAAASF accreditation standards.
  • How long does it take to become accredited after you apply?

    Once your paperwork is complete and your floor plan is approved, the AAAASF staff can usually secure a surveyor to evaluate your facility within 30 days. For Medicare accreditation, an additional Life Safety Code inspection is performed prior to the AAAASF Medicare inspection and AAAASF cannot guarantee a survey within 30 days. AAAASF does offer an expedited survey fee. Once completed, all new facilities are sent to an accreditation committee for approval. After approval is granted, accreditation is activated and the facility notified. Statistically, most facilities fully achieve accreditation 90 to 150 days after submitting an application.

    For those requesting an immediate survey in a non-Medicare program, we may be able to accommodate but an additional fee would apply.

  • How much does it cost to apply for accreditation?

    Prices vary based on program, facility size and number of specialists. Fee schedules are located in the application for the respective program.
  • What is peer review?

    AAAASF peer review is a form of quality control performed by active members within the outpatient health care profession. Those participating in the review process are “peers” with whom they review. The process creates a system-wide culture of clinical quality and demonstrates the positive results of accreditation. AAAASF peer review provides ongoing data collection and periodic evaluation to identify trends affecting patient outcomes. AAAASF peer review is performed quarterly and includes reviews of both random cases and unanticipated operative sequelae. Through monitoring our own data, we demonstrate the effectiveness of our standards and provide assurances that we remain an authority on health care delivery. AAAASF delivers standard revisions based on data collected from this valuable collection of information. This approach distinguishes us from other accrediting associations and provides a safeguard for patients and the accrediting process.
  • If I have questions not listed here, how can I get the answer?

    Contact us and speak with one of our accreditation specialists who will be happy to assist.