We are available to help with the accreditation process

AAAASF offers a hands-on and step-by-step approach to guiding facilities through the accreditation process. Immediately upon inquiry, those seeking accreditation are assigned a personal accreditation specialist. That specialist remains the primary point of contact throughout the accreditation process.

AAAASF helps you become accredited. A valuable information packet allows you to learn more about AAAASF and our accreditation process at your convenience. It features the Top 5 Keys to Successful Accreditation, Frequently Asked Questions, testimonials from satisfied customers and contact information for our accreditation leaders.

Through accreditation, we help you:

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to patient safety
  • Standardize quality measurement
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility
  • Promote services to patients
  • Collaborate with other health care leaders

Over the years, AAAASF has designed new programs, refined standards and hosted surveyor training sessions that have engaged medical professionals. A new patient safety brochure will help facilities further educate patients on the benefits and importance of accreditation. The brochures are only available to AAAASF accredited facilities. Order here.