Educational foundation donors 2015

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People who help support the AAAASF Educational Foundation

Donations to the Educational Foundation help support important educational programs and research for medical facilities, health care providers and patients. Donate Today!

AAAASF would like to recognize the following individuals for promoting patient safety by donating to the AAAASF Educational Foundation in 2015:

Alan M. Freedman, MD
Andrew Levy, PT
April Brewer, RN, BSN
Aysel Sanderson, MD
Baruch Jacobs, MD
Birendra N. Tandan, MD
C. Bob Basu, MD
Cathie Murray, RN, BSN
Cheryl White, RN
Claudia Morehead, PT
Clifford Botwin, DO
Darrel Ranum, JD, CPHRM
Denise O’Keefe, RN
Doris McFarlin, RN
Ethel Feldman, RN
Garry Woessner, MA-CC, MBA
Harvey A. Sauer, MD
Howard Alfred, MD
Jack G. Bruner, MD, FACS
Jan Goodman, RN, CPSN
Janice J. Izlar, CRNA, DNAP
Jayshree Patel, MD
Joseph M. Jabbour, MD
Karen Shumaker, RN
Ken Leeman, OT
Kerry Entrekin, RN
Kim Kubiak
Lisa Brooks, RN, CNOR
Mahendranauth Sohan, MD
Mariam Awada, MD
Mary Costello, RN
Melody Van Allen, RN
Michael A. Levine, MD
Michael Frank, MD
Michaeline Simek, RN
Monte Jay Goldstein, MD
Nancy Staffeld, RN, BS, MHA
Richard W. Hillyer, DPT, MBA, MSM
Robert S. Houser, DO
Sandy Barrera, RN
Saqib Chaudhry, MD
Sharon Gelardi, RN
Stanley Okoro, MD
Stephen Earnhart, CRNA
Stephen W. Gordon, MD
Steven Bansbach, MD
Theresa Griffin-Rossi
Valentyna Mino, RN
William B. Rosenblatt, MD

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