AAAASF Statement on Racial Equality

By July 8, 2020No Comments

This is a critical time in our nation’s history, and that of the entire world. Racism is a blight on humanity that damages the dignity of our entire species. The human race cannot heal until racial inequality is reduced to a bad memory. AAAASF’s mission is patient safety, it is a mission that knows no racial or ethnic boundaries. It is a promise to protect the lives and safety of those at risk, and since racial inequalities in healthcare inhibit the wellness and life span of patients of color, equality is part of our mission in addition to being a moral imperative. Our organization is proud of its diversity, having committed to hire and promote based on professional ability and the content of one’s character. We encourage professional and educational growth so that every one of our employees has an equal opportunity for advancement. We try to be the best citizens possible by contributing to disadvantaged members of our community. Unfortunately, the killing of George Floyd and other high-profile incidents that have occurred recently demonstrate that it is clearly not enough to simply live justly in our own world, more is required. Despite prioritizing our own diversity, we do not pretend to know how to solve racial injustice at a societal level, but we are committed to searching for our place as part of the solution and pursuing it. We stand with communities of color and all our employees in the fight against racial inequality.

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